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News 2010

01 Nov 2010 Manse is just about finished
Its been just over two years since the manse fire of Lot 120 Cobbin street. The fishing touch's are just about done and the Matthews family is looking forward to moving back during November. Once again we would like to thank you for the continued support of prayer as well as the offer of practical help offered to our family from everyone concerned! God bless you all.

01 Nov 2010 Happy birthday
Happy birthday call goes out to Jason Tahi-Tahi who turned the big 4 the other day. Great chocolate cake was shared around after the Sunday service just gone. Yummy.

01 Nov 2010 Wet Wet Wet
Saturday 31st October 2010 was a day for ducks and fish. It poured down by the bucket loads. So it does rain in Port Augusta.

31 Oct 2010 Cooking up a Storm.
Members of the Congress A grade basketball team and others help cook a bar-ba-que to raise funds for new uniforms for their team on Saturday 31st October. It was held at the local basketball stadium where an indoor soccer tournament was being held. Despite the wet weather it was a great day held by all. Well done team and Uncle Reg and Aunty Dawn and Aunty Eva.

14 Sep 2010 Wedding bells at OZiwi
People came from all parts of the globe to be part of the wedding that happened at OZiwi 2010. Camp participants Judy Jane Waaka and Tumai Underwood where married in the Moonta Uniting church on Saturday 4th September. A great time was had by all.

14 Sep 2010 OZiwi 2010 a huge success
The OZiwi cross cultural camp is over and it was a wonderful time of fellowship, sharing of cultural stories and song. More importantly this was a time of sharing the ministry that happens at a local with the Congress in South Australia and in Aotearoa, New Zealand with the Maori Evangelical Fellowship.

06 Sep 2010 OZiwi 2010
The OZiwi Cross Cultural Exchange Camp took place at the Port Hughes Accomodation Camp from the 2nd Sept to the 5th Sept. There where 46 people from Aotearoa, New Zealand. They joined togehter with members of the Congress from South Australia.

30 Aug 2010 Kangen Water
The Congress in Port Augusta has made an investment into the health side of things. They have puchased a ionized water machine and all age groups in the church and the wider community are benefitting from the water this machine produces. Its simply called Kangen Water and its free. So next time you are in Port Augusta drop in for a drink of Kangen water and great fellowship. Kangen Water

09 Aug 2010 Manse rebuilding at last!
It was good on a recent visit (8 August) to see that the manse is being rebuilt. The roof is on and completion date is December-January? Family spirits have been lifted. Evidence below.

12 Feb 2010 Port Augusta Manse
demolition in progressThis is the only work done on site! Since the manse fire in late 2008 much has been done to speed the rebuilding program. Unfortunately, with the global meltdown and the delays due to insurance matters, progress has been slow and costs have risen.
So at the beginning of 2010 not a brick has been laid. Builders are now hard to find because of Mr Rudd's "package". You can imagine how this is affecting the ministry and the Matthews family as they are also uncertain about their temporary accomodation.
Please pray for this situation, the family members, the ministry at Port Augusta and the rebuilding process.

Coming Events
NCYC 2011
Wednesday 29 December 2010 to Tuesday 4 January 2011
Turn it UP for NCYC 2011 on the beautiful Gold Coast.
This will be a life-changing encounter for your Christian faith and discipleship through community, speakers, concerts, Bible Studies, and a whole lot of fun at the cheapest price ever !

Find out more by going to
NCYC 2011 website

About F.A.C.E. 9
26 June - 17 July 2010
Faith and culture exchange. An opportunity to spend time in indigenous communities in Australia and overseas in order to
* develop friendships
* build bridges of understanding
* share stories
* and more
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