Through Yura Eyes

lavene.jpg - 3480 bytes Why take a journey through Yura Eyes?

You may have heard a lot of negatives about my town of Port Augusta. The press like to print stories about the social issues as they see them.

But I am inviting you to come and see my Port Augusta.

A town that has a multi cultural population - in the Aboriginal community.

There are over 23 different Aboriginal nations represented in our community.

This is a unique place with this diverse mix of cultures.

But it has always been this way - even before contact history - Aboriginal people have always gathered in the Port Augusta area to trade different resources.

So come on a journey with me to experience through Yuras eyes the history of my town from pre contact history to our thriving community we have today. We will show case local Aboriginal artists through out the day with a variety of traditional and contemporary art styles.

We have talked about this tour for some time but we decided to offer it to your group for the very first time.

So you get this unique experience to see Port Augusta through Yuras eyes - and this is something that most non-Aboriginal people of Port Augusta itself have no knowledge of.

We want you to come with open hearts and open minds to share my Port Augusta and not to come with pre conceived ideas. Time is not relevant to Aboriginal people and therefore I ask that you try to forget about time restraints. We will complete the journey and you will have the experience of a life time but it will be done to Yuras time.

We ask that you bring your cameras and your inquiring minds and join us on this journey of a lifetime.

You will learn about the traditional life of Aboriginal people of the area and also visit the old Mission where I grew up, get a feel for mission life and sense the children playing in the grounds surrounding the mission buildings.

Journey through Port Augusta and hear the Aboriginal history through to the pride we have in our well established Aboriginal organisations including our newly opened Media Association.

We will of course discuss the tougher issues and you will have plenty of opportunities to yarn about the questions or concerns you may have throughout the day. There will be several Aboriginal people with us throughout the day to yarn to.

In the evening we will join together for the Iga Warta Dinner. They have won a national award for their bush tucker cuisine. Iga Warta do not offer just a meal - they offer a cultural experience. You will taste all kinds of bush tucker presented in a multi cultural menu and at the same time learn of the cultural tourism centre they run in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

I can promise you a day you will never forget full of experiences that will fire up your senses and yarns that will travel with you back to Melbourne.

Lavene Ngatokoroa

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